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The Beauty of the Zone

Let’s be honest for a minute. Yeah, we know you love the workouts (kidding!). We know you love working out with other like-minded people. We know you like learning new skills and gaining new abilities you never thought possible. But really…the REAL reason 90% of you are here…is to lose weight.

So, first thing’s first. Call your Coach and schedule some office hours to talk about diet and formulate a plan. It’s FREE, and included in everyone’s memberships.

Now that you’ve done that, let’s talk about the ZONE. This diet, created by Dr. Barry Sears, is designed to show you how to correctly proportion your food based on hormonal balance with your body type. The goal here is to eat a balanced meal comprised of certain ratios of protein (meats), carbohydrates (veggies/fruits), and fats (nuts, oils). When you achieve that magic ratio, your body enters “The Zone”, where it can keep hormones balanced and stimulate weight loss.

Here’s a great article by Nicole Carroll, Director of Training at CrossFit, on her journey with the Zone.

Weight loss is a tricky thing- it is NOT as simple as “energy in = energy out”. When your body stores fat, it doesn’t “know” it has fat stored somewhere for future use. Think of it more like a garbage dump. Your body detects a higher than normal blood sugar content and releases insulin. The insulin is the garbage truck- it picks up all that unwanted sugar, and transports it to the “dump”- usually your belly, hips, and butt.

“But if my daily caloric requirement is 2,000 calories, and I only eat 1,500 calories, won’t my body burn 500 calories of fat to make up for it?”

NO! Remember, fat cells are the garbage dump, not a storage facility. If you deprive a skinny man and a fat man of food, they both die at the same time. There’s a whole ‘nother hormone involved in REMOVING fat from the dump- it’s called Lectin, and that’s a conversation for later.

So why should you Zone? Zoning reduces the blood sugar spike (and fat storage) of each meal, usually reduces your high glycemic carb intake, and provides the healthy fats you need for energy throughout the day. It might be tedious- but that’s only the first 3 weeks. After that, you won’t have to weigh and measure each day, because you’ll develop an “eye” for exactly how many blocks that piece of chicken is.

Have more questions? The CrossFit Thornton Success Journal explains everything you need to know right there in the back!

What really makes me smile is seeing all of you change. Don’t thank us- we just showed you the road to walk. It’s YOU who did the walking.


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