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All CrossFit Thornton athletes need to watch the demo and workout standards.

Everyone will do the Open workouts. Everyone will do the workouts as RX. If you can not complete a workout RX then you will attempt as many reps as possible RX and record a score for that part of the workout. You will then be allowed to complete the workout scaled. ONLY THE RX PORTION OF THE WORKOUT WILL GO ON THE IN-HOUSE GAMES BOARD.

We are hosting workings during all Friday classes. These are FREE classes that will not affect your membership. Everyone needs to make it to Friday classes (or try the best they can) so you’re name can go up on the board! We will also be hosting a Friday Night Lights workout at 5PM. This workout is open to guests who need a gym to validate their score. The makeup/mulligan WOD will be on Saturdays at 11:00AM. The only Saturday we will not be hosting an official makeup will be on the 16th so we can close out our Snatchapalooza challenge and have our BBQ.

For the duration of the Open season Thursday’s programming will be geared toward working on FINE-TUNING any skills that may be necessary for the Open WOD. We are NOT trying to crush you, we are trying to maintain you and keep you well oiled in order to put out the best score possible for the Open workout.

All Levels WOD

BB Gymnastics

20 Mins to Establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk


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Coach’s Choice

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