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Couples who CrossFit together, stay together!

By far I’m no expert in relationship psychology…but I am a trained observer, a fan of life & love and a CrossFit coach (and as ammunition for you all to use on me at a later date, I did get my degree in marriage counseling). All of these things bring an interesting perspective on what I see couples doing on a daily basis. I see couples too tired to do anything but sit and watch reality TV at night, and they call that spending quality time together. I see couples watching The Biggest Loser or P90x and Insanity infomercials and considering getting healthier and in shape. I see women more interested in Kim Kardashian and TMZ than the gym and a healthy lifestyle. I see men more interested in what happens with the Broncos than what happens with their waistline and blood pressure. I see date nights that include going out to McDonalds and then hitting a new movie and adding popcorn, candy and soda to their already taxed digestive track and bodies. I see thousands of people spending money on gym memberships to 24Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, rec- centers and walking in with high expectations and hopes…then walking out days, weeks or months later with no results and a look of despair and frustration with no change in their bodies or life. So, why is it that most of us eat like crap and feel like crap yet we expect our lives and relationships to be great, fun, exciting, fulfilling and loving?

Now, is CrossFit the answer? That is the question.

CrossFit is more than just a fitness program. Everyone who does CrossFit will give you a wide variety of “what is CrossFit to me” answers. Do you get in the best shape of your life? YES! Do you feel and look better? YES! But, as more and more find out every day, CrossFit brings interesting side effects. The best way to experience these amazing, wonderful, life altering side effects is to CrossFit. And the only way to truly know is to just do it! Just show up and keep showing up!

CrossFit has created an atmosphere where couples can come together, workout together, be inspired together, get better together, cheer each other, compete with each other, and be surrounded by others just like you!

Will CrossFit fix every problem you have? No. Will CrossFIt fix everything in a damaged or broken relationship? No. But imagine what you could do in those relationships if you changed everything about yourself?

Next time you sit down with your partner and want to spend some quality time with each other make sure it’s on the gym floor after killing yourself on a WOD. Next time you go see a movie together, you bring your snacks and waters. Next time you want to spend money at a gym, make sure it’s at a place that cares about you as much as you do.

I think you know what your relationships are like without CrossFit. Now it’s time to try it with CrossFit.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


All Levels WOD


Shoulder Touches


5 rounds of
1:00 Jumping Squats
1:00 Pullups
1:00 Rest

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