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I’ve found it rather intimidating to start reading up on crossfit. There is no shortage of opinion for and against crossfit on the internet. Just using some simple google-fu techniques I found a nice compilation of 7 CrossFit blogs you should be reading. Some you may be already familiar with like Mobility WOD.

Intro to CrossFit Blogs

All Levels WOD


Weighted Pull-up


4x400m Run

Rest 1:1

*15 Burpee penalty for each 5 second deviation from the fastest interval. Complete after your final interval.

Level 1 WOD


Muscle-up Progression


For Time:

30 Wall Ball
30 Kettlebell Swing
30 Pullup
400m Run
20 Wall Ball
20 Kettlebell Swing
20 Pullup
400m Run

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