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So, now is the time everyone is talking about those new year’s resolutions. I’ve never liked that term (why wait until the new year to resolve something). It is a good time I guess…everyone has that ‘new‘ feeling. So, if this is the time that works then there’s no better!  But lets get something straight – Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ‘resolve’ as: to deal with successfully.  Well, who wants to deal with something successfully for only a year?  After a year, do you intend to go back to being unsuccessful?!  Of course not!  Instead of a new year’s resolution, shouldn’t we call it a new ‘LIFE‘ resolution!  Now, making a ‘new life resolution’ doesn’t mean there won’t be setbacks. Sometimes it’s one step forward, three steps back. But as long as there are steps to take, that’s really all that matters.

So, REST up on this fantastic New Year’s Day…we’ve got some great things on tap for 2013!  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Oh, and if you’re sitting at home looking for something to do (or nursing a hangover), come out to the 1st Annual Hangover Classic at CrossFit Surge on New Year’s Day to cheer on our team – Angela, Jillian, Jeff, and Jason! The heat times are at 8:45am, 10:02am, and 12:27pm.

And if all that activity gets you inspired then try this workout on for size.  Be sure to post your time to comments:


All Levels WOD
10 min. Hip Mobilization at home
150 Burpees
For Time
Go watch Team Thornton at CrossFit Surge!
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