“Do it right, or don’t do it at all.”

Michael Winchester, one of the coaches for Outlaw and a member of the CrossFit Central team, recently blogged about virtuosity. Read it here.

He was referring to competition and preparation- but everything he said tranfers to all of you who aren’t here to compete. This is a personal challenge that I expect everyone to embrace every day they walk in here. It means taking your time on the barbell work to do it right. It means using less weight, if that allows proper form. It means a slower WOD, if it allows you to reach full range of motion. It means addressing your mobility issues, every day. It means pursuing greatness in the small stuff.

So, next time you’re in class, take the time to think about some of these things:

  • Am I ripping the barbell off the ground?
  • Is my chest going all the way to the ground on pushups?
  • Am I jumping completely vertical and clapping overhead on my burpees?
  • Am I getting my chin over the bar on pullups?
  • Am I getting full depth on my wallballs?

I’m sure this rings home with a lot of you! This is in no way meant to point out weakness to demean- it is meant to point out weakness so you can perform. Pick one weakness this month, and spend every day doing what you can to fix it. One month at a time, you can conquer your imperfections, and become the best athlete YOU can be.

All Levels


High Bar Back Squat
1×5 @ 65%
1×4 @ 75%
1×3 @ 85%
3 x 2 @90%


6 Power Cleans 195/135
5 Power Cleans 195/135
4 Power Clean 195/135
3 Power Cleans 195/135
2 Power Clean 195/135
1 Power Cleans 195/135

Level 1


High Bar Back Squat 5×5


6 Power Cleans 95/65
12 Pike Press
5 Power Cleans
10 Pike Press
4 Power Clean
8 Pike Press
3 Power Cleans
6 Pike Press
2 Power Clean
4 Pike Press
1 Power Cleans 195/135

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