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Tuesday 31 July, 2012

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We have so many events coming up it’s unreal!

The 11th of August we will be working out in the park (location TBD).  Registration for this class will go to 16 so let’s have a high turnout so you can meet some of the athletes you haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

The 15th of August the Whole Life Challenge Athlete Registration begins!  This is a huge challenge spanning 2 months and that tracks everything from workouts to supplements to mobility work to nutrition.  Sign up and push yourself to reach that next level in your training!

The 18th of August will be Nutrition 101 hosted by Jeff.  Make sure you register for this event on ZenPlanner or before or after class in the hallway.  This is a free class for new members so come and get your swell on…BRAIN swell that is.

The 25th will be another park workout hosted by our friends at Bighorn CrossFit.  This is to raise money for the Aurora shooting victims fund so come out and support this good cause.  If you can’t make it but would still like to donate, talk to Jeff or Lawrence and they will take care of you.



EMOM for 7 minutes:

2 Back Squats @ 90% of your 3 RM


3 rounds for time of:

7 Front Squats 185/120#
21 KB Swings 32/24kg
Run 400m

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