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“What is CrossFit?”

Have you ever got this question?  Over the weekend I met a longtime friend, who has always showed interest in fitness and health but never asked me the question!  Then, there it was… sitting there for me to hit the softball out of the park… So, tell me about this CrossFit thing you been doing?

What about you? How would you answer? Ever even thought about it?

Now with your arsenal of health knowledge and new body composition your friends and loved ones will be asking more and more…

Here is a cool video you can share with them or use to help you answer that all important question.



GUEST DAYS This week Thursday, Friday and Saturday all classes.  Great time to get your loved ones to come check out what we do!  All days and all class times are free to our community as well as our athletes.


Back Squat:

-Every 30 seconds for 4:00 minutes – 1 rep @ 85% (9 total reps)

-Rest exactly 2 minutes.

-Every minute on the minute for 4:00 minutes – 1 rep @ 90% (5 total reps)


2 min ME KB Swings 24/16kg

-rest 1 minute

4 min AMRAP of:

15 Pushups (hand release)

10 T2B

-rest 1 minute

4 min AMRAP of:

15 Jumping Squats 45#

10 Pullups

-rest 1 minute

2 min ME KB Swings 24/16kg

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