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Bridget took a second to share her thoughts with us on this year’s Turkey Challenge @ MBS CrossFit:

The Turkey Challenge was held at MBS CrossFit in Broomfield on November 22 & 23. CrossFit Thornton was represented by Jeff, Bridget, Luke, and Kim (friend of Bridget) on our Pro team while Ryan, Marna (filled in last minute for Amber), Jason and Angela made up our Open team. Coach Lawrence was our only individual competitor. For many of us this was our second time going to Turkey Challenge, but the first time competing as a team. The Open and Pro divisions which were distinguished by events with different weights and skills required.

There were three events the first day. The first event involved Snatch 95/65# and Toes to Rings for the Open teams, Snatch 135/95# and Muscle-Ups for the Pro Teams. Highlights were watching Jason and Ryan throw 95# around like it was a PVC pipe. The second event was a sand bag carry race where it was essential for the teams to work together and you could only go as fast as your slowest person. These types of events can lead to a lot of frustration between teammates and I think everyone was glad when it was over. There was also a floater event that involved lifting a “log” from shoulder to overhead as many times as possible in 2 minutes. None of us had any experience with this object so it was really challenging even though it wasn’t a very heavy weight for most of us. In events like this, they can always throw something at you that you’ve never done before, but that is why strength in the basic foundational movements is so important.

We all came back the second day hoping to do a lot better than we did day one. Our first event on Sunday was a chipper where the teams split up into groups of two to work their way through the stations and back. For the Pro team this was by far our best event. They added a challenge of having your teammate hold a piece of plywood as the support for Handstand Push-Ups but luckily for us Kim amazed everyone in the crowd by doing 30 in a row no problem. Jeff was also able to turn his intensity up to 11 at the end to finish the pistols. I was so proud of our team. The second event was a deadlift ladder where you had about 30 seconds to lift each weight before going up in 10-20# increments. Bridget (295#), Angela (245#), Lawrence (435#), and Ryan(435#) got a new PR while Marna tied her PR of 215#.

The final event only involved the top 12 teams/individuals in each division. Our Pro team was the only one who qualified. This was a 12min AMRAP of rope climbs where each team had to complete rope climbs one at a time in a red robin style. You saw rope climbing styles of all kinds. We ended up doing quite well on that event and finished the weekend in 10th place overall. The Open team ended up finishing 39th.

The theme of the weekend was definitely “It’s cold”. Since the team areas, warm-up area, and many of the events were held outside, it was a constant struggle to stay warm in the 30-40 degree temperature. Luckily, a trip to the sporting goods store was made and the men came back with the right equipment to create a nice heated hang out area which we plan to use at future events.

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