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Wednesday 10 April, 2013

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Sleeping- Another Key to Fitness.

When we all come to CF Thornton we talk about paleo and the zone, we talk about stretching and mobilizing. But we never ask each other, how did you sleep last night?

It’s time talk about sleep, a huge key into fitness, health and just daily activity.

Outside of CrossFit I get yearly training on sleeping behaviors. No big surprise here, but sleeping is major in stress management, physiological health, psychological health, alertness, cognitive ability, and just about everything else. Training our law enforcement and military on a yearly basis how to sleep is important. And I know that if sleeping right helps cops, fire fighters and our beloved military sleeping right can help you in the gym.

I’m not going to get into the science of sleep and how important it is to health and fitness… we all know that. What I do want to do is share with you secrets and suggestions that I have learned over many years.

• First off, the big question… how much sleep a night should I be getting? Easy answer is eight hours. Not eight total, meaning waking up to pee after four and then getting the other four. You should aim for eight uninterrupted hours a night. If eight is tough, then get seven. If you have the time and can afford it, ten hours is ideal. Sorry, I know some of you are selling excuses, but I’m not buying…we all have them.

• Next, your room should be cold, dark and quite. That should come easy to all you caveman out there.

• Your bed should be firm and comfortable and allow air flow. A pillow should be the same.

• Your body position should be in a state that you can keep for a long period of time without cutting of circulation to any certain limb. A huge debate exist over this point…I say just find a position that keeps you asleep! Side note, this may be determined for you by who your sleeping next to.

• If your caffeine sensitive especially and even if you are not, no caffeine after dinner.

• Do not use alcohol to go to sleep. Try not to use alcohol before bed.

• No TV or computers right before bed. Blue light kills production of melatonin. FYI, touch pads fall into this. Electronic readers are a better pre- sleep companion.

• Try to build up good habits. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. In an ideal world, we would not use alarm clocks.

• For all those students out there, it’s better stay up later to study than wake up earlier to study. You need to get that last stage of sleep. That important stage (REM) is right before you wake up.

• Never ever ever ever ever do math if you cannot sleep. Counting sheep is math! And for those of you that set your alarm clock a goofy time compared to the rest of your house…. You now are doing algebra.

• And if you cannot sleep, get out of bed. Remember good habits… no tossing and turning. Read this blog post, it should put you to sleep right away.

Some may suffer from bigger reasons why you cannot sleep. These are just some easy tips to try. If you need more assistance, talk to one of our great CF Thornton coaches.


All Levels

BB Gymnastics

Hang Squat Clean & Jerk:

6 @ 75%, 5 @ 80%, 4 @ 85%, 3 @ 90%

*based on 1RM Clean and Jerk


3 Rounds Not for Time:

10 second Front lever hold (Tuck Position)

7 Strict Pull-up on Rings ( +5 to 15lbs)


4 rounds for time:

10 Toes to bar
10 1-Arm KB Press 20/12
8 Deadlifts @ 225/155

Olympic Weightlifting

BB Gymnastics

Hang Squat Clean & Jerk:

6 @ 75%, 5 @ 80%, 4 @ 85%, 3 @ 90%


1 a)Snatch Balance: 5×3 ( Medium to heavy weight )
1 b)Snatch First Pull: 5×3 (Heaviest Possible
1 c)Strict Pull-up: 5xME

*Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

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