So, the Whole Life Challenge is over.  Now what?

Hopefully, you’re more educated now on healthy eating, drinking, and sleeping habits!  While we fully encourage going out and enjoying normal life, don’t give up all that progress you’ve made!  Find interesting ways to incorporate some “WLC-isms” into your every day life.


10×1 Power Clean + Push Jerk

This is designed to be “heavy practice”.  Use a heavy weight, but fight to maintain perfect form throughout.

1A) 3x Band Resisted Run

1B) 3x 60sec total L-sit hold

1C) 3×15 Ring Pushups

When a workout looks like the above (1A, 1B, 1C, etc) you will complete 1 set of A, B, and C before returning to A for 3 sets.


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