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BB Gymnastics

10 Minutes to Establish Heaviest 3-Stop Clean Pull (Below the Knee, Above the Knew, Hip)
3 sets of heaviest 3-Stop Clean Pull completed


2 Minutes ME Burpees

Followed by:

5 Minute AMRAP of:
1 Power Clean
1 Push-Jerk

2 Minutes ME Burpees


BB Gymnastics

15 minutes to Establish a heavy Clean and Jerk double

Strength and Accessories

1a) 5 x 2 Clean Pull, Heaviest Possible, Rest 60 Seconds
1b) 5 x 5 Push-Press, Heavy, Rest 60 Seconds
2a) 3 x 15 GH Raise, Rest 60 Seconds
2b) 3 x 15 Sit-up

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