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So the Games Open 13.3 workout will be announced tomorrow and there’s been a bit of a controversy regarding one of the top athletes’ 13.2 performance. Josh Golden from CrossFit Grover Beach (California) posted a fantastic score of 387 reps for 13.2. Josh did the workout at CF Grover Beach and it was validated through that affiliate. A video that was taken of his workout was posted online (although is wasn’t an online submission). Long story short, CF HQ watched the video and rejected his score after determining that Josh failed to meet the movement standards. Since Josh’s score is not valid, he’s out of contention as an individual for the 2013 Southern California Regionals. Bummer. Unfortunately for all of the members of CF Grover Beach, that affiliate will no longer be able to validate workouts for the 2013 season. Bigger Bummer.

Movement standards can’t be stressed enough!! Make sure you read them and KNOW them prior to the workout. And during the workout, hold yourself to them.

In the Open, the Athlete is responsible for performing the workout as prescribed and meeting all movement standards. The Judge and Affiliate Manager are responsible for validating that performance. –CrossFit HQ

Golden Workout Rejected

Now, to change tones. Any ideas on what movements may come up for 13.3? I’ve got a theory…muscle-ups will be involved! I just saw a fantastic video posted by CF HQ on a progression for the kipping muscle-up. I can’t wait to try it! Post your guesses for 13.3 – let’s see who comes close!

CrossFit – The Kipping Muscle-up


All Levels

BB Gymnastics

5×2 Hang Clean
*Heavy but perfect. These should be done WITHOUT having to take the bar from the ground between reps. Hold the hang position for a count of 3 before executing the movement.


For Time
30 Scaled Muscle-Ups

Olympic Lifting

Overhead Press
Push Press
Push Jerk

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