Trapped in a CrossFit Box of Emotion…

Man, the emotion has been coming OUT lately.  That can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on your reaction to it.  Remember that YOU are in control of how you interpret your emotions.  You can let them bring you down, or turn them into motivation to keep pushing.

Don’t let the WOD ruin your day.  Getting frustrated with a movement?  Angry that your body won’t do what your mind is telling it?  Upset that you can’t finish as fast as the person next to you?  Channel that energy!  Use it as a reason to eat a good meal afterwards, get to sleep a little earlier, and get to class more often.

Be upset for the right reasons.  If you’re missing class, eating like crap, not drinking enough water or forgetting to take your fish oil, then you SHOULD be upset.  These are all things that are in your control, and you should strive every day to master them.

DON’T be upset when you’re here.  Remember, this is a School of Elite Fitness.  Each day is a learning experience, built upon the days before it.  You didn’t graduate high school in a single day, and you won’t learn a complex movement in a single day either.  Everyone learns at different paces- take your time, practice when you can, and you WILL get better.

Trust us.  Seeing you guys learn these skills and improve your lives is why we get up in the morning…just like you.


Guest Days are coming!  December 6th, 7th, and 8th all classes are FREE and open to members and non-members, so bring a friend to sweat with or just drop in and check out our space and community!  Spread the word and invite your friends!

Barbell Gymnastics

7X1 Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + Push Jerk – heavy but not maximal


1a) 3X5 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1c) 3X5 DB Seated Strict Press – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1d) 3X100m Sprint, rest 45 sec.

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