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Did you guys hear that the Open is coming up?!?! And it starts next Friday! Here’s the deal, everyone is doing the Open workouts whether you sign up or not, and everyone is going to have their score up in the gym. If you want to make the next step and compare yourself against everyone in the world then go to the Games website and sign up. Even if you don’t want to compare yourself to the world we are going to take care of you. How you ask? Every class for Friday for the duration of the event will be free! That’s right, classes on Friday will not count toward your membership. That means you can train AND come in and get in the Open workouts. Do you have a friend who workouts out in the garage and needs a place to validate their Open scores? Tell them to come to the shop Friday night at 5:00PM! They will also get a free workout and get their scores validated! If you screw the pooch and want a redo we will be hosting an additional workout Saturdays at 11:00AM for the duration of the Open. That workout will also be free and not count against your membership. So sign up for the Open, get into the gym on Friday or Saturday and get your score validated!

And eat meat and lift heavy shit.

All Levels

BB Gymnastics

5×1 3-position Clean (high to low) – Heavy but Perfect – Rest 60 Seconds between sets


Tabata Something Else

Olympic Lifting

BB Gymnastics

1) 5×2 Power Clean – Heavy – 60 Second rest between sets

2) 5×1 Split Jerk – Heavy – 60 Second rest between sets

Olympic Strength

5×2 Pause Front Squat – Heavy – 60 Second rest between sets

*The movement is performed with a 5 second pause at the bottom of the front squat.

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