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You get what you pay for.

I was driving down the road the other day and I saw a restaurant offering a small cup of coffee for twenty five cents. A bit further down the same road I saw a gas station offering a free cup of coffee with “purchase.” Now the sign did not specify, but I’m sure they wanted to give you a cup of coffee with purchase of gas. I have not dared to try the free coffee with purchase, but for good reason. The gas station offering the coffee has the cheapest gas in the city and the gas station looks like a place that Quentin Tarantino should film his next movie. However, I have tried the small coffee for twenty five cents, and… it was worth… twenty five cents.

Have you ever got offered a free lunch and you turned it down? Why was that? I’m sure you all heard of the old saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” I wonder if the person who coined that phrase turned down a free lunch based on the person or people who offered the lunch? Or was it because they wanted to take them to a place like the gas station I saw the other day? Or was the lunch date at a restaurant that sold coffee for twenty five cents?

CrossFit is now growing on a global scale of at least one percent a day. With that growth you see new CrossFit boxes opening up on daily basis. With those boxes opening up on a daily basis and ones already open, how many are a restaurant selling coffee for twenty five cents, how many are filled with coaches and athletes who you don’t want to have lunch with, how many are a location for a Tarantino film and how many are doing things right for the right price?

Where are you getting your WOD on?

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All Levels WOD

Barbell Gymnastics

5×1 3-stop Clean


Muscle-Up (scale: burpee pull-up)
Snatch 135/95

Olympic Lifting Class

Barbell Gymnastics

Clean & Jerk

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