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Honesty…or how I came to terms with eating at Krispy Kream

So I’ve been trying to dial in my nutrition for the past few weeks (actually years but let’s not split hairs) and I haven’t been very successful. I should mention that the whole reason I started trying to really dial myself in is partly in response to my performance during the open, partly in response to a general feeling of crap during day to day training, and partly in response to the upcoming summer season (this will be the summer of the Speedo!). So with all this in mind I set out to really get my nutrition back on track.

It took me about 3 weeks to realize things weren’t working. I was still missing lifts, I wasn’t very energetic going into workouts, and I still wasn’t ready to go Speedo shopping. What was the problem? Well I looked at my food log and things were fine. I was eating all the right stuff, staying away from grains and sugar, what the hell was going on? Good thing it was my food log and I could ask myself all the important questions, especially the big one: is this EVERYTHING?

It wasn’t everything. In fact it was about 50% of what was really going on. Sure, what I had written down was what I ate, but it wasn’t everything that I ate and it certainly didn’t mention the things I hadn’t eaten.

I am totally a binge eater. I get home after a hard day and I eat me some cookies, but it’s not a big deal so I don’t write it down and since it was only once then that probably doesn’t matter to not have that recorded (it’ll be like it never happened). But then it happens the next day and the next day and all of a sudden it’s a big deal that I am eating this stuff but I’m not ready to admit it so I STILL don’t write it down.

My other problem is that I am a faux-intermittent faster. By that I mean that instead of eating SOMETHING and feeding the machine, I make a conscious decision to eat nothing. I do this because I think to myself “Well I ate shit last night so I should probably just not eat  instead of eating more shit for lunch in order to even things out”. But then I just get home later and guess what…I’m starving so I fill myself up with a bunch of shit!

So I guess my great nutrition wasn’t so great. But if you had read my food log you would have no idea this stuff is going on! That’s why it is so important to be honest. Honest with yourself, and honest with your coaches. Otherwise we’re never going to be able to figure out what is going on.

Are you hitting all of your goals? If you aren’t, are you really doing everything you should be doing or are you just saying that you are doing everything you should be doing?

All Levels WOD


2 Rounds of:
2 Mins Max Effort Push-ups
Rest 1 Min
2 Mins Max Effort Sit-ups
Rest 1 Min
800 meter Run
Rest 1 Min

Olympic Lifting Class

Barbell Gymnastics

7 x 1 Snatch Balance + 1 Overhead Squat Heaviest possible You can work up to a heavy weight but at least 4 reps need to be taken at the heaviest possible weight for this complex.


4 Rounds of:
1 Mins Max Effort Push-ups
Rest 30 secs
1 Mins Max Effort Sit-ups
Rest 30 secs

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