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Brisket! Brisket! Brisket! Yay for mutual annihilation! Check out this mobility video by Kstar and get a partner in crime ready.

All Levels WOD
5X5 UB Hi-Hang Snatches – heaviest possible, rest 75 sec.

Notes: These sets should be performed as quickly as possible. Do not rest in the hang, try to perform all 5 reps as quickly as possible.


12 minute AMRAP of:

20 Steps KB OH Walking Lunges (Right) 24/16kg
15 Pull-ups
20 Steps KB OH Walking Lunges (Left) 24/16kg
15 T2B

Olympic Weightlifting
5×3 Snatch Balance
5×3 Snatch First Pull
5×3 Pendlay Row
5×3 Front Squat
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