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Wednesday 5 September, 2012

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Athletes!  You guys have been doing great this summer!  Squats are getting deeper, cleans and snatches more powerful, and on the whole everyone is pushing more weight and going harder!  Loving it!  But now that everyone is getting more confident under heavy weight it is time for a new project and focus: perfecting movement!

Remember that our goal isn’t just to move heavy weight but to move it as efficiently as possible.  So when we get a 7×1 or a 5 x5 or a 10×2 or whatever set x rep combination and there isn’t a % attached to it then your goal needs to be to move the heaviest weight possible while still having perfect form.  This means that you should warm up with the intent to find that weight range where you are challenging yourself to maintain perfect form but it isn’t impossible to keep perfect form.

If we are doing percentage work your imperative to lift with perfect form doesn’t go away, but the guesswork does go away because you have a fixed percentage you are working up to.

Lift heavy and lift efficiently!


5X5 Back Squats @ 75% – rest 90 sec.


1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 185/120#

-then (no break)-

100 Burpees for time.
*Perform 2 Power Cleans EMOM beginning after the first minute @ 185/120#.

Notes: There is a 10 minute cap on this effort.

-then (no break)-

1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 185/120#

Score is total number of Jerks and total time for Burpees.

Post thoughts/experience to comments.

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