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So, I read this great blog post from CrossFit West in Santa Cruz, CA. It’s titled ‘Respect’. If you’re a member of the CrossFit community, you know there is something about CrossFit that’s exciting and different. You can take a bad day, pick yourself up, get to your box, and immediately feel better. Sometimes it’s the workout, sometimes it’s the other members and coaches…most of the time it’s a bit of both. But whatever it is, there’s a respect there. A respect for the accomplishments (and ‘fails’ for that matter) of everyone. However, sometimes we forget to respect the movements and range of motion. We get so caught up with how fast we can go or how many rounds/reps we are able to get, that we forget to respect the beauty of the movements. I can’t say it better than this article already has, so I won’t try.



All Levels WOD

BB Gymnastics

5×2 High Hang Clean
*Heavy but Perfect


KBS 70/53
Ring Pushup

Olympic Weightlifting

BB Gymnastics

High Hang Snatch

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