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Weightless WODs

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As a reminder, we’ll be CLOSED from Thursday 5/31 until Monday 6/4.  Classes will resume on Tuesday.  HOWEVER- that doesn’t mean you don’t have to get in a workout!  On the top menu of our website, under “Start Here”, you’ll see a link titled “Weightless WODs”.  These are ten sample workouts that you can do any time you can’t get in a class at CrossFit Thornton…at home, on vacation, wherever!  If you’re only making 1 or 2 classes a week, I expect you to be working out at home on your own.  There’s no excuse for not making progress!

Speaking of PROGRESS, check out Josie’s wicked deadlift!  That’s 73lbs folks.  Just 5 weeks ago she was only using a PVC pipe, and look at her now!  Josie and Carlos have been consistently showing up to class, eating healthy, and listening to the coaches- its no surprise they’re both seeing GREAT results!

Remember, June 16th is the Nutrition 101 seminar.  Non-CrossFitters are MORE than welcome to signup to attend, and they’ll be invited to the workout immediately after at 10am.  This is great information that everyone should get!  Click on the Schedule link, goto the June calendar, and click on “Nutrition 101” to get enrolled.

WOD 5/30/12

Tempo Deadlift 4×5

4 rounds for time:

3 Powerclean (185/120)

14 Handstand Shoulder Touches

21 Wallballs

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