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Are you getting ready for the Whole Life Challenge?

Show us!

Do you want to challenge your lifestyle outside of the gym?  Are you ready to be accountable to yourself and everyone around you?  Do you want to win a free month at CrossFit Thornton?

Then enter into the CrossFit Thornton WLC Photo Contest!

What do I do?

Step 1: Register for the Whole Life Challenge here.  Be sure to select CrossFit Thornton as the affiliate you register under.
Step 2: Print off the CrossFit Thornton Logo from here.
Step 3: Take a picture of yourself and our logo getting ready for the WLC,
Step 4: Post your picture to our Facebook page.
Step 5: Get as many “Likes” to your picture as you can get!

The athletes with the most amount of “Likes” by midnight the 26th of August will win a free month at CrossFit Thornton!  So get creative!  Do a handstand by the meat cooler, do a pistol with a squash, tag all your friends so they have to see you being ridiculous!  Do what you have to do to win!

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