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Why So Many Girls?

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Don’t forget that we will be at ThorntonFest all day tomorrow so there will be NO CLASS.  Instead you can come hangout at the Thornton Rec Center on 108th and Colorado where we will be hosting a rowing competition.  Bring your friends and family and come check things out.

WOD May 18, 2012

20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull-ups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Why are we doing Cindy two days in a row?  I am so glad you asked that.  If you haven’t seen our awesome leader board in the hallway, you should really check it out.  All the Girls are up there and there is also space for 6 names below each Girl.  Whatever are those spaces for?  Funny you should ask that!  Those spaces are for the top 3 male and female athlete performances in those workouts.  Over the next few weeks you are going to see a bunch of the girls coming at you in the programming because we want to fill those spaces up.  So come on in, take Fran on a little date, and get your name up on the leader board.

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