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Well, she’s a bit young to learn about the 10 general physical skills. But she’s getting exactly what she needs just by being around it! She’s not too far off though; if you’ve got kiddos as young as 3 years old they CAN begin to learn all about those fitness domains in a fun way with CrossFit Kids Thornton! Not only will they get in some exercise, but they’ll also learn why it is so important to stay active. We teach them the that exercise and eating healthy and clean are needed for being able to do all the other fun stuff that kids want to do! You’d be surprised with the places you’ll see your kids get down with some burpees! It makes a parent (and coach) so proud!! 🙂

We’ll be holding two separate sessions (4 weeks per session) of our CrossFit Kids classes this summer. Classes will be on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays. You can sign up for a 4-punch or 8-punch membership. Because I know vacations are a must during Summer Vacation (hence the name!), we’ve made it easy. The 4-punch pass allows you to choose any 4 classes for that session. The 8-punch pass allows your kiddo to come to all of the classes in a session!

Session 1 is from June 5th – June 29th
Session 2 is from July 24th – Aug. 17th

If you’re interested in getting your child into one of our CrossFit Kids sessions, give us a call at (303) 495-5040 or send me an email at

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