Our Philosophy

We believe in pushing limits, digging deeper, and working harder. We believe the only thing between you and your next goal is you. Find your inner strength and never settle for mediocrity. Show some passion. Constantly challenge yourself. Get focused.

Every program we design is measured against our philosophy. Every program will push your limits, keep you focused and get you stronger. Whether you’re six or sixty, just starting out or looking to compete, our programs are designed to motivate and produce results.


We are a group of coaches who believe in quality over quantity. Our specialty is coaching. Our classes average 1 coach for every 8 members so that we can always provide you the motivation and coaching you need and deserve. Our goal is to always provide you with the best coaching in our area. At our gym in Thornton we understand that our members come to us with a variety of fitness experience, from being new to fitness, through being a professional athlete. From kids through senior citizens and every age in between, we will help you get fit and achieve your health goals.

Our two main programs, CrossFit and FLEX are designed with this in mind. What’s your goal? Look good naked? Lose weight? Get stronger? Get healthy? Clean up your diet? Run a marathon? Compete in a CrossFit competition? Have fun working out? Find a fitness community where you belong? Let us know what you’re looking to achieve. We exist to help you reach your goals. Come see if we are the right fit for you!












KatieMember since 2017

“CrossFit has really become my favorite hobby. It has helped me stay energized during the work week, has made me want to stay on track for eating healthy, and it has helped with my stress and anxiety. I don’t know what I would do without it! I have gained so much confidence. Before I would work out 2 to 3 times a week by myself, but could never get motivated to really change my workout routine and health habits. Now, I am addicted to the gym and meal planning. Plus, it makes me feel like I can have that extra Oreo if I want!”

AshleyMember since 2017

“Regular workouts help me keep a routine and manage stress. CrossFit has made me more excited to work out by surrounding me with motivated and encouraging people!”

PeterMember since 2013

“My goal when starting CrossFit was to feel younger and better at 50, than I did when I started… and frankly, than I have since my days of competitive crew in college. It's been an amazing lesson in how strong the mind is in pushing you further, as well as how it can easily derail you. I've never made a habit of looking up the workout in advance, as I'm afraid I might not show up! As long as I walk in the door, it's amazing all that can be accomplished. I pride myself on getting more done before 7am (I love the 6am crew), than most people I know will do in a full day!”

Cheryl & DanMember since 2013

“We've worked out most of our lives - mostly running. CrossFit was a whole new spin on working out for us. It made us try things we have never done before - like Olympic weight lifting. CrossFit challenges your faith in yourself and your own drive to the max. We started with CrossFit years ago but now the FLEX workouts are our main choice.”

CourtneyMember since 2017

“I already love working out and gyms were just not cutting it, so CrossFit it was. I'm truly floored at how much stronger I've gotten in such a short time, I love it!”

IsabelMember since 2017

“CrossFit has changed my life in a huge way! I have always struggled with my weight. I was either too skinny or too thick. I was always weak. In every way… emotionally, physically, etc. I decided to change and be the best me I could be, so I joined CrossFit. I had tried everything else: the typical gym, home workouts, Orange Theory, group workouts, Zumba. Nothing worked. I needed something that was going to challenge me and make me better, so I joined CrossFit Thornton and it has been the best decision I have made so far.”

MikeMember since 2017

“CrossFit has definitely brought back the competitive ‘sports’ spirit within me and I think also given me a new source of direct inspiration from the people that show up to work out. Everyone ranging from the strongest athlete, the master athletes (especially when they kick my butt!), and even the newer members who are showing up to better themselves. When I see these guys and gals, I tell myself that there is no excuse for me to not show up and give it my best. This is a great motivator for me.”